FLV Player 3.8

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If you have a number of Flash video files saved on your computer that you wish to watch, you must download FLV Player. It is a small, fast video player specifically designed to play videos made from the Flash format that doesn’t take too much storage space on your computer.

The appeal of FLV Player is due to the fact that, more and more, Flash videos in the FLV format have grown in popularity among users. There are many video-capturing programs available that initially capture videos in this format, which makes FLV Player a much-needed program to have on your system. Flash videos are generally only able to be viewed very few video players, but they are always compatible with FLV Player. It should be noted that FLV Player does not support videos in any other format; however, it works very efficiently and is fast.

The user interface of FLV Player is designed in a way that is simple and clean. There is support for dragging and dropping the video of your choice and a multitude of controls for playing your video. You can also choose to watch a video in full screen. When you watch in full-screen mode, you will have an additional window that includes the video’s metadata. The controls will also appear with a simple click of the mouse on your screen.

The point of FLV Player is to simply play Flash videos on your PC. It is fast and shows videos in good quality. You can also fast forward through a video and control volume with the arrow keys.

The pros of FLV Player are that it shows a video’s metadata, it is fast and operates smoothly and includes support for drag and drop. Cons are that there is no support for other formats and there are no additional features other than simply playing videos.

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